About Brandie

Brandie Barclay is a dynamic Speaker, Founder of The PowerSoul Experience, and Certified Life Coach. 

After two decades, listening to the mind, body and soul struggles of women, raising two incredible daughters and cultivating a happy twenty-year marriage, Brandie uses her gifts to lift up others as an Inner-Strength Coach. 

Her mission is for others to see themselves as God sees them and live in the joy, peace and power that brings.

To Book Brandie for Press/Media, Coaching, Speaking and Events:

Contact: brandie.barclay@gmail.com


“In going through one of the most painful times of my life, and quickly losing faith… is when I came across Brandie. And I couldn’t be more thankful! I really think connecting with her is “something bigger” than just having a life coach and it’s been such a gift. I had someone supporting and helping me navigate such an awful space but also nudging me along to grow. In Sharing her own personal experiences with me, she’s so relatable and I’m able to gain a lot of insight that is helpful for me to apply to my own personal situations. I always have such a positive and encouraging take away from each conversation, that I usually think about it even days after! It plants the seed for me to take a closer look at the deeper meaning behind the things I’m going through, which offers the chance for me to grow though it. Additionally, she really helps me strengthen my faith and relationship with God. That is something that is so important to me, and what has also been a driving force in helping me tackle difficult times. Not to mention- she’s also the perfect person to go to with any beauty tips or advice too! I truly look forward to my chats with her, it’s usually a highlight of my week!”
– Christie

“I’ve been a firm believer of God placing people in your lives for many reasons. I was separating from my husband of 19 years , and Brandie challenged me in so many different ways. She taught me so much about myself and inspired me to work on my strength , my faith and my boys. Her coaching me with positiveness and motivation kept me grounded and focused on what life is truly about. Never went so deep into my soul to find the real me it was a time in my life that i reflect back on and Brandie was the one that persevered me.” 
– Barb

“Brandie is the REAL DEAL!! She doesn’t just listen, she SPEAKS the truth! Brandie isn’t afraid to sit down in your pain with you, she isn’t afraid to cry with you, she isn’t afraid to invite Holy Spirit to sit in. Be ready to feel power in her words! You don’t have to figure it out alone! DM her today! No matter what you’re going through, you saw this for a reason!”
– Kellie