Brandie Barclay

PowerSoul Coach 

After two decades as a successful, Licensed Aesthetician, listening to the needs and challenges of women, raising two confident daughters and cultivating a happy twenty-year marriage, Brandie realized her true calling as a faith-based mentor and coach. In a culture that demands we conform, perform and ‘self-help’, Brandie is committed to breaking women free from anything that holds them back from the incredible life Jesus came to give them. Brandie has overcome divorce, depression, anxiety, health/hormone struggles to become a successful Certified Life Coach and knows it’s her own victories, experiences and Holy Spirit wisdom that make all the difference. She’ll help you see yourself as God sees you and how that translates into joy, peace and power in ALL areas of life. Leave weak-minded, insecure, anxious living and be filled with strength, purpose and passion! Coaching with Brandie you’ll find power to fulfill your purpose and the freedom to follow your Soul.

Here’s what you will gain from Coaching with Brandie: 

  • Gain confidence to go boldly in the direction of your dreams 
  • Learn to live in peace, joy and strength through Bible-based, Spiritual Development. Have healthier/happier relationships- understand boundaries and leaving toxic situations
  • Learn to take authority over self-sabotaging mindsets
  • Stop living anxious and overwhelmed 
  • Heal over past wounds 
  • Receive trusted resources for hormone health and nutritional wellness 
  • Plus lots more…


“Working with Brandie as my faith coach has been absolutely life-changing, and not just for me as an individual, but for my husband and kids as well. Through Brandie’s guidance and prayer, I have allowed God to move me in a direction where my faith is in control over my feelings. I have bipolar 2 disorder, and I have learned to surrender my condition to God and to give it all to Him – all the past pain my family was put through from my depression, all the fear of future episodes and the effects on my relationships – to lay it all down for the Father to heal.”

“I have also gained the confidence to step into leadership in the church and a mentoring role in my business. Strength training my spirit with Brandie has truly transformed my heart (I even decided to be baptized as an adult!) I’ve learned to shift my perspective to my joy coming from God’s love for me, from the inside out, and it’s changed the whole atmosphere within my family and in our home.”

“Brandie is authentic, energetic, and genuinely invested in helping you break free from what’s holding you back. I will forever be grateful to have her faith-filled, biblically-focused coaching in my life.”

In going through one of the most painful times of my life, and quickly losing faith… is when I came across Brandie. And I couldn’t be more thankful! I really think connecting with her is “something bigger” than just having a life coach and it’s been such a gift. I had someone supporting and helping me navigate such an awful space but also nudging me along to grow. In Sharing her own personal experiences with me, she’s so relatable and I’m able to gain a lot of insight that is helpful for me to apply to my own personal situations. I always have such a positive and encouraging take away from each conversation, that I usually think about it even days after! It plants the seed for me to take a closer look at the deeper meaning behind the things I’m going through, which offers the chance for me to grow though it. Additionally, she really helps me strengthen my faith and relationship with God. That is something that is so important to me, and what has also been a driving force in helping me tackle difficult times. Not to mention- she’s also the perfect person to go to with any beauty tips or advice too! I truly look forward to my chats with her, it’s usually a highlight of my week!


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